The Protocals of the Elders of Zion
Top of the Pyramid
This is a story that is the Corner Stone of the Master Plan we see unfolding today. It is from Book VII of The Republic by Plato.
We have seen the Plato's Cave scenario played out many times thoughout history as well as in the literary world.
This central theme is a favorite of Zionist owned Hollywood and has surfaced in multiple movies such as 1984, The Island and V For Vendeta to name a few . Whether it's George Oewell's 1984 or H.G. Wells A Brave New World, we see the same central theme of this story.
This document was written about 115 years ago at the time of the formation of a political movement called Zionism.
It was recently translated into English.
Here you will see the plot, much of which has aready been accomplished, unfold. To read the entire Document is a must if you want to see the fate of the future planned for the majority.
You are about to come all the way out of the cave!
Form the Synagogue Of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock come this excerpt.
It is a time line of the Rothschild familly and what they and their friends have been up to for the last 250 year or so. This is a book you can't put down. You can find it at or buy it directly from the Author here:
And here:

You know to much now. Run for your lives!
Another Confirmation of the Protocals
Back in the 70's Herold Wallace Rosenthol, assistant to Senator Jacob Javits, was paid for an interview. For exposing this information he was murderd. The man you published the information, a Mr. White was beaten severly.
This is a must read!
Ann Frank Dairy is a proven Hoax
News concealed since the 1970's. Professor Faurisson's in depth investigation into the Diary of Ann Frank leaves an embarrassed and humiliated old man with egg all over his face and his new wife wondering who she married. Learn the truth behind one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the world. You will be surprised at what is revealed.
Jack Bernstein
One of the millions of people who grew up in the cave believing he was part of a race called the Jews. Jack Brestein challenged the crime network to disprove what you will read hear. This short work got Jack murdered by the Mossad. DON'T MISS THIS!
Benjamin Freedman
Benjamin H. Freedman was one of the first to out the Zionist Crime Syndicate he himself was at the highest levels of.
Just like Jack Bernstein, Benjamin Freedman leaned the he too was not a real Jew and set about spending his fortune and the rest of his life exposeing the hoax being perpetrated on the world and the United States in general.
There is also a link here to his 1961 speech that blew the lid off Zionist Organized Crime.
The Allegory of the Cave