September 11 2001 Examined
9/11 Mysteries
David Ray Griffin 9/11
Undeniable 2 sided scientific examination of the official story
None of the defenders of the official story will debate this man!
Dr. Steven Jones
The idea of confontation with him leaves them quaking.
Global Warming - Is it real?
William Rodriguez
They interviewed him for hours but never aired what he had to say.
Global Warming Called Off
CBC documentary with overwhelming counter evidence
Only If You Think You're Ready
The Mena Connection
Corruption beyond belief! Bill Clinton connected to drug smuggling.
Conspiracy of Silence
Why our elected officials don't work for us.
Kay Griggs Part1
Find out how our Military Officers are controlled and who cotrolls them.
From Freedom to Fascism
Director Aaron Russo's Last Film before his untimely death in 2007
The Doomsday Code
A powerful BBC Documentary about religious fanaticism.
The Money Masters
This film will change everything you think you know about history.
The Drugging of Our Children
If you have children or are planning to, you need to see this!
You Only Think You Know
Dead In The Water
The truth behind the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty.
Peace, Propaganda, and the Promise Land
A real look at the Israeli Palestinian Conflict.
Paul Findley Speaks Out
Former Republican Congressman tell the truth about AIPAC.
The Fifth Estate
CBC Documentary - The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney.
Ludicrous Diversion
9/11- 7/7 What's the Difference? 7/7 London Bombings Documentary
7/7 Mind The Gap
BBC Documentary Points out what millions have discovered.
The Illegal Imigration Invasion
See how the United States is being turned into a Third World Country
Nineteen Eighty-four
George Orwells 1984 - Full Length Movie
The Third Stage Pt1
This one tries to point the finger but avoids naming the true culprits.
Eustace Mullins Presents
Eustace Mullins exposes Zionist Organized Crime Syndicate.
The Truth About Monsanto
The Monsanto Corporation right along with Fox News; EXPOSED!
Bush Family - Nazi Traitors
If you haven't heard this, You probably voted for them!
Carl Camron Fox News
Presure form Isreal kept this four part Fox News series from the public
Evil Israel
The news report Israel doesn't want you to see
The Money System
Fiat Empire
Why the Federal Reserve violates the U.S. Constitution
The Flouride Deception
How they have been poisoning us for decade.
The Deception of the Six Day War Pt1
Dutch television shows what Americans aren't allowed to see
Seeds of Deception
The health dangers of genetically modified foods.
Ozone in Medicine
The benefits of Ozone to our health and well being.
Cover-up in Oklahoma
Documentary about the Cover-up of the Oklahoma City Bombing.
Water Car Inventor Murdered Pt1
Documentary about Stan Meyers Cold Fusion Car.
Global Warming - Is it real?
Only If You Think You're Ready
The Money System
You Only Think You Know
Depleted Uranium
Depleted Uranium
Animals Get It Right
Depleted Uranium: 61 years of Uranium Wars
Leuren Moret at the 2007 Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference
Depleted Uranium Babies
Have the courage to look at what your Government has done!
Animals Get It Right
The Genitic Conspiracy
Documentary series about Mosantos Genitically Modified Foods
Mainstream Media Report
A Mainstream News Affiliate reports on Chemtrails
Stop Spraying Us
More evidence of the Government Population Control Program.
Aerosol Attack
See what is happening all over the United States and Cananda.
Battle At Kruger
First they run, then find the courage to go back and defeat the bully.
Pet Pequin
More than a Pet! This guy is a family member who carries his weight.
Crow and His Kitten
Animals put the human race to shame in this amazing video.
A Jew Investigates the Holocaust
David Cole had his life threatened for making this investigative report.
September 11 2001 Examined
Select a Channel from the categories below!
The White House Coup - History Repeats BBC Radio 4
In Lies We Trust
Dr. Horowitz's 2 hour 12 minute film exposes government corruption.
Genetically Modified Food - Panacea or poison
Mosanto, as the leader, is focused on here again.
Jewish Ritualistic Murder
Watch a Jewish girl expose the truth about the Jews on Oprah.
Read all about it here
The HPV Gardasil Lie
The Truth about The HPV Gardasil.
Vaccine Nation
The evil vaccine conspiracy / A Film by Dr. Gary Nulls.
Vaccinated against your will.
News report exposing the Merck Conspiracy.
9/11 was a Zionist Crime
3 of the 5 dancing Israeli's on Israeli TV explain their 9/11 Celebration
HR 1955 Passed
Zionist Bills HR 1955/HR 1959 define peaceful Americans as terrorists
Diebold Voting Machines
Princeton study proves voting machines are easily hackable
Jews - The biggest racist's ever!
A prank phone call from a radio station exposes Jewish Rascism.
Not so cool facts about Israel
Statistical facts about the extremely abusive criminal Israel.
Israeli Attack on U.S.S. Liberty
Another perspective about the attack by Israel on the U.S.S. Liberty.
The Root of all Evil
Exploration of unproven beliefs that are treated as factual by religions.
HR 1959 Passed as well
The Secret of OZ
The Money Masters Part 2
The Zionist Connection Pt1
Google pulled this video. You have to wonder why. Look closely!
Playwrite Myron C. Fagan Exposes Hollywood Conspiracy
Benjamin H. Freedmon - Former High Level Zionist defector
CFR Controls Media
Mainstream Media is a Zionist propaganda machine.
How Television Works On You
Find out how tevelsion is running you and teaching you how to think.
The Great Global Warming Swindle
BBC Documentary exposes the lie that would tax us all for breathing.
Sherry Jackson former IRS agent Pt1
Federal Reserve exposed as an Organized Crime Cartel
The Murder of Vince Foster Pt1
If you think the Clintons aren't working for Orgnized Crime, think again!
The Dark Side of The A.D.L
The trick is to name your organization the opposite of what it really is!
A Dog, a Cat and a Rat
Man teaches three natural born enemies to be friends.
Depleted Uranium - The Ultimate Dirty Bomb
Learn the truth about America's/Israels Weapon of Mass Distruction!
Pandora's Black Box
A film from Pilots for 9/11 Truth that examines the Pentagon attack.
Confessions of an Economic Hitman.
Insider, John Perkins, blows the lid off the system.
Money, Banking and the Federal Rreserve
Documentary exposing the Federal Reserve as Organized Crime.
The World Accoring To Monsanto
French Documentary you won't see in America. Removed by Google!
Patent For A Pig.
Monsanto seeks patents on animals DNA. Quest for a food Monopoly.
Daryl Smith Adrian Salbuchi January 05, 2014
Your Milk On Drugs Pt1
Monsanto must di,e before there kill us all!
Chemtrails: If you've ever doubted...
Chemtrails up close and personal over Japan.
Danger in the sky
The truth expands as the same thing is recorded all the world .
End Game
Alex Jones' mostly truthful film neglects the Zionist common thread .
9/11 False Flag
Subtitled German Documentary exposes US False Flag opperations
Aerosol Crimes
Mass extermination of the human race is widely ignored and unknown.
Missing Links
This film attempts to point the finger at the real 9/11 terrorists.
Pastor Wickstrom interviews Rabbi Avi Finkelstein Don't miss this Psyop!
Kennedy - The last Great President - He tried to warn us! Long Version
What A Wonderful World
Unbelievable animals with Loius Armstrong.
7/7 Ripple Effect
Sending this Video to a Jewish Judge caused a British mans arrest
Judea Declares War On Germany
If you think you know the truth about the "Holocaust", think again!
Moon Landing Hoax
America's Finest
Moon Land Hoax
Moon Landing Fake or Fact Pt1
British Documentary on the Faked Moon landings. Don't miss Pt5!
National Security Alert
Eye witnesss reports destroys Government's official story of 9/11.
Holes In Heaven? H.A.A.R.P.
The use of chemtrails for the purpose of weather modification..
America's Finest
America's Largest Street Gang
A compilation of criminal police action against inocent Americans
Conspiracy Theory Pt1
The Original Conspiracy Theory Moon Landing Hoax
Making a Killing
The untold story of psychotropic drugging (Full Movie)
Police Brutality Compilation
YouTube Forces you to have an account to view this video! It's that bad?